Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but there’s still time for some DIY creations. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

1. A Handmade Card – When I was little I used to make cards for my mom for many occasions. After I started making my own money, I started buying them. I can tell she enjoyed hand-made creations a lot more. Hand-made cards add a great personal touch to any gift, or can make a great gift on their own. So, why not wake up a kid in you?

2. Paper Hearts Garland  – These heart garlands are easy to make at home. Just use some card stock and thread. It’s almost necessary to brighten up the interior especially when it is frigid and gloomy outside.

3. Heart-shaped Ispahan Macarons  – I have never tried making macarons before, and these look very beautiful and tasty. I’m tempted to try.

4. Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping  – I think the longer couples are together, the less they care about the presentation of gifts. But it is the beautiful wrapping that increases the anticipation and excitement, I think. The cut out idea is very easy to do, but looks unique and thought-out. The link provides step by step instructions that are fun to follow.

5. Heart Wreath – This one is a grapevine wreath, but anything can work. You can add your own scented oil to the wreath. This one comes with scented cinnamon vanilla scent, but can be substituted for anything from Mango Mellon to Chocolate Chip Cookie. This is the first time I’ve heard about adding scents to wreaths, by the way. It’s a great idea, though, if not overdone.

6. Paper Doily Lights – These lights look so delicate. Who said lights are just for Christmas or Tihar (Diwali)? These lights are very easy to make. Just put white paper doilies through a few layers or white wire lights.

7. Personalized M&M’S – These aren’t really a DIY, but can be fun personalizing. Even though they are pricey, I think they are worth a try. They will also make an impression on guests. Back home there is a tradition to keep a candy bowl or vase on the table, ready for tea when guests come in.

8. Heart Shaped Linzer Sandwich Cookies – I used to make sandwich cookies with homemade jam when I was in high school. I haven’t had an opportunity to make them ever since. The recipe seems easy to follow. Maybe I should try. The cookies don’t have to be heart-shaped. I used a simple glass to cut out mine back in the day.

9. Red Heart-shaped Crochet Napkin – I just loved the rich color of this doily. It is possible to learn a new craft. I was taught to crochet when I was about nine, but forgot almost all of it. I had to teach it to myself all over again. It took me a while to complete a doily, but I was mostly satisfied with the result.

Can you tell I like red?

Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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